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In less than 24 hours, your floors are ready for whatever you can throw at them.


We give you a lifetime of protection against spills, chips, cracks, and anything you can throw at our floors.

Best Epoxy Floor Coating for Restaurants– At Elite Coatings, our systems are much more durable than other coatings; it doesn’t chip, crack, delaminate or peel and has a fast-curing time. When it comes to a food processing facility, the flooring quality is critical to the day-to-day streamline of your business.
There’s no need to worry about any fumes or toxic ingredients being used in your commercial kitchen. Not to mention, Elite floors come with a convenient installation and fast curing time.
Elite Coatings offers customers their premier floor coating solutions that are designed to withstand years and years of daily abuse without damage while providing quick and easy maintenance and cleanup experiences!

From Bar Tops to Restaurant Floors

Add Unsurpassed Beauty to Your Restaurant

Cleanliness is one of the first things that your customers will consider when eating at your restaurant.

Elite Coatings restaurant floor coatings are resistant to stains, grease and oil. Unlike tiles, epoxy flooring won’t absorb liquids that may damage its beautiful, finished surface because it is a seamless floor system.
Your restaurant can look cleaner and more luxurious as epoxy is flexible enough to have any design or color you want at an affordable price. Epoxy floors are also very easy to clean!
Epoxy Floor Coating in Basement

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Epoxy coatings create a shiny and super high-gloss surface. The brightness of an area with epoxy floors will increase by over 150%. We also have matte/satin finishes which work great for interior floors.
Epoxy is easy to clean and maintain. You don’t have to worry about mold getting in between cracks like tile or collecting dust and unhealthy spores like carpet.
A customizable solution! There are so many color variations and coating systems that your options are limitless. Epoxy floors have a long lifespan and are antimicrobial- resistant to allergens, dust, dirt, and can be cleaned with heavy duty cleaners.

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What Makes Elite
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Lifetime Warranty

At Elite Coatings, we’re so confident in our products and workmanship that stand by them with a lifetime warranty that covers delamination. We cover our durable floors and countertops with industry-leading warranties

Financing Options

We are pleased to announce that we now offer financing options. To learn more about our new financing option please contact us today.

Professional Results

Our team of highly trained and certified professionals ensure your new floor or countertop is looking and performing their best. Our crews go above and beyond to provide an experience you will never forget and a coating you will love.

Industrial-Grade Epoxy Solutions

We use only the highest-grade epoxy materials possible to deliver superior results every time. Our clients benefit from long-lasting professional epoxy floor installation that can withstand most perils without suffering from common issues associated with low grade epoxy and poor installation like separation.

Food Service Epoxy Flooring and Countertops FAQ

When it comes to affordability, durability, and beauty, nothing can beat our epoxy systems.
  • Long-lasting results with a lifetime warranty.
  • Anti-slip surfaces can be customized to your needs.
  • High-gloss finish increases brightness by up to 300%.
  • Maintenance-free flooring only needs to be swept and mopped.
  • Eco-friendly with low or no VOCs and the ability to reduce energy costs by brightening the space.
  • Unlimited ways to customize the look and feel of your floor.
  • Economical solution with a low upfront cost.
  • Can improve your home’s resale value.
  • Withstands many hazards like heavy loads, forklifts, heavy machinery, vehicles, chemical spills, and more.
Because surface preparation is the most important factor in a long-lasting, strong bond, we don’t cut corners when it comes to prepping your existing concrete slab. Our residential epoxy flooring experts take the time to fill and repair cracks, joints, and damage with our concrete repair material. Grease and other stains will also be lifted from the concrete because they can interfere with bonding, bleed through, or cause premature floor failure. Only when your concrete is dry, clean, and in good condition do we use diamond grinding or shot blasting to profile the surface and open pores in the concrete.
With our experienced epoxy garage floor installers, getting a new, beautiful garage floor takes no time at all. We use specialized equipment and years of experience to prepare your concrete and install your new epoxy floor system in as little as one day.

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